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Forest Tales - Bosques da Noruega

       Once upon a time... I grew up with cats. Had, and still have, dogs, but I  felt the nostalgia of having cats around me... I wanted a breed that got along with dogs: I found the Norwegian Forest cats, whose wild, intelligent lynx-like appearance bewitched me immediately. When I saw my first Norwegian Forest cat, I immediately felt the magic that never stopped until today. A Norwegian Forest is no ordinary cat: it bewitches us, seduces us with his gentle temper, great intelligence and a special attachment to the whole family. Soon I was surrounded by more, because you can not have a single Norwegian Forest cat! They live here in a family environment with great care and affection. I started breeding in 2013. So the Tale has just begun. And, in this enchanted land of Forest Tales, there are still more stories to tell... Come find them!

We have kittens!